At Thrifty Planet, we take care to recommend products and services we have personally used in our offices or at home with our families.

We would never list a company or service for payment and we have removed services from our partner’s page upon changes in quality or customer service.




Personal and Business Cloud Storage Management 

If you aren’t backing up your personal files, you’re absolutely crazy.

If you’re using an external harddrive to back up your files, what happens when there is a fire?  Will your hard drive survive?

With back up services from BackBlaze, you can safely protect your personal files, memorabilia, and business information for only 5$/month.

Thrifty Planet has been a proud and happy user of BackBlaze since 2012.

And they’re not just for saving your butt in emergencies, you can easily upgrade to new computers and transfer files from your old machine to your new one with very little effort. BackBlaze walks you through every step.

Write Vault: Protect Your Creativity
Document Time Stamping Service 

Write Vault offers time-stamped, trackable uploads of your most precious intellectual property. Their services add clout to your arsenal of evidence in cases of theft and misuse for only $10/project/credit.

This service is meant for artists, and writers of all sorts. From students who need to protect their hard work on thesis papers, to artists selling wares on the internet. Write Vault protects their intellectual property by time stamping and storing their digital goods in safe hands.

Each upload is presented with a certificate and every upload can be verified through the website by any party using the unique ID number assigned to each product.

Thrifty Planet has used Write Vault for personal files when copyrighting was not a prudent or affordable option to protect written works. At Thrifty Planet, we do recommend that a person ultimately copyright their work and not rely solely on any time-stamping service, but Write Vault is great for interim periods such as time stamping a first draft or art creation.  They’re very affordable, and they’re goal is to protect artists and writers, rake their wallets.  They’re customer service is very friendly and helpful.